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Car Wash Equipment

Integrated Carwash Services represents the world’s leading tunnel equipment manufacturer Sonny’s The CarWash Factory.

Sonny’s has nearly a 50% market share in North America, it’s equipment is time tested, job matched and has a proven track record of washing more cars reliably and cost efficiently than any other on the market.

Car Wash Controls

Integrated combines Sonny’s controls and pay stations to help bring the marketing, payment and wash process seamlessly together providing customers with a smooth professional retail level experience.

Sonny’s control systems capture data from each and every customer creating a database for marketing programs, selling monthly subscriptions while providing owners and management real time financial and operational information.

License Plate Recognition System

Sonny’s latest innovation is it’s license plate recognition system (LPR) which utilizes traffic grade cameras and software to capture customer information and offer then the choice of purchasing a wash or a monthly pass without human interaction or the use of RFID tags.

Digital Menus

Sonny’s technology, digital menu boards and Mr. Foamer state of the art signage, chemical application and marketing tools drive throughput and create the industries’ highest per wash ticket averages. Weather it’s an in bay conversion of 40 ft mini -tunnel at a C-store or a complete 165 ft Express tunnel with 30 free vacuums Integrated and Sonny’s have the answers and right solutions to helping you build a successful car wash business.

Touch-free Automatic Bay Rollovers

Integrated also represents Wash World the car wash industries most innovative manufacturer of touch free and friction automatic in bay rollovers. WashWorld’s Razor line of touch free overhead rollovers offers customers three choices. The Razor recognized as the industries’ leading overhead touch free gantry style wash for it’s open bay no treadle design, simple operation, reliability and cleaning power. Stainless and fiberglass components throughout, VS 2 vehicle sizing technology, Flex pass for dual chemical applications, Vision clean for hard to reach areas and it’s Virtual attendant software for recognizing and adjusting to trailer hitches and other vehicle add on’s. The Razors automatic voice prompts with attractive LED displays combine to complete a great and fast customer experience.

The Razor Edge the industries premium touch free overhead features all the standard features of the Razor and state of the art nozzle less Hyper Flex applications with Spectra Ray and Lumen Arch displays to provide the ultimate in high lumen color foam applications wowing customers with the experience and the speed and quality cleaning ability.

The Razor RX 7 is constructed of the Razors high quality components and utilizes its basic technologies to offer an economic version for customers such as automobile dealerships, fleets and in markets and for applications that do not require the show and marketing capabilities of the Razor and Razor Edge.

The WashWorld Profile

The WashWorld Profile soft touch rollover features a no treadle operation, wall mount frame, open bay no treadle design. Its stainless throughout construction operates with a digital profiling system (DSP) and VS 2, Flex Pass for dual chemical applications and electronically controlled and drive Soft touch brush system that adjusts constantly to provide an even safe and thorough cleaning machine. The Profile can be equipped with on board profiling energy efficient 30 or 45 HP dryers or end of bay and is equipped with Spectra Ray on board LED displays that enhance the customer experience and drive higher ticket averages. The Profile Max is fast, reliable and produces consistently clean dry shiny cars with a minimum of maintenance and service time.