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Car Wash Consulting Services

ICS offers vast knowledge and assistance in the car wash industry. We have the expertise and professional contacts you need to navigate through every facet of developing your business.


Acquisition & Strategy

Integrated is fully networked in the South Florida car wash market place, always helping its customers with finding new sites, introducing and creating working relationships with other industry colleagues to enhance their business’s. Strategic planning, customer training, expansion planning are all parts of Integrateds commitment to its customers.


Assisting with negotiation, cost valuation, structuring due diligence.


Need help with financing? We can point you to a variety of financial institutions that can help.

Site Plan Approvals

Working with your local government can be difficult. We ensure your site plan meets all their requirements as well as yours.


Site Discovery

ICS’s experience and networking capabilities constantly create opportunities for it to be first to know and first to professionally evaluate potential car wash business sites. It works closely with Sonny’s New Business team to conduct in depth demographic studies to determine the feasibility of potential new sites. Integrated with it’s decades of experience, contacts and resources can evaluate a potential site quickly and for the lowest possible cost of due diligence.

Site Discovery Vision:

Not just what you want your building to look like. But what your car wash business will be.

Site Analysis:

Potential locations are evaluated using key demographic fundamentals.


Zoning and building requirements of selected locations are investigated.


Site Development & Design

Having built hundreds of car washes the Sonny’s & Integrated team knows how to layout a site to maximize the properties’ capacity and efficiency insuring proper traffic flows and ease of use for it’s customers. Once qualified Integrated works closely with Sonny’s Engineering to layout potential sites to maximize it’s car washing potential to maximize throughput and provide a great customer experience while creating strong returns on investment for it’s owners. Integrated’s extensive contacts ensure a perspective car wash owner will work with the finest land planners, engineers, architects and to get permits and contractors to build a cost efficient car wash. It’s relationship with current car wash owners, city officials, industry insiders and key commercial real estate professionals leads to numerous opportunities for it’s growing car wash customer base.  


Custom building designs to fit your local communities requirements.


Our project management team is there from drawing to a operational business.


Proper planning for the right marketing is crucial to maximizing your profits as soon as you open.