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Car Wash Chemistry

Integrated represents the Diamond Shine line of professional grade car wash chemicals.

It’s Fusion six step process provides the highest quality clean, dry and shiny sealed finished cars in the world.  The Fusion process is an engineered multi phase system that works together to create the highest average tickets in the professional car wash industry – fusion drives your profits and creates tremendously loyal repeat customers!

Step 1

Fusion Bath a low Ph foam bath sheeted over the entire car usually light with bright LED’s luxuriously bathing the vehicle while breaking grime and road films.

Step 2

Fusion Prime an ultra-low Ph foam bath sheeted over the entire car usually light with bright LED’s

Step 3

Fusion Rinse neutral Ph sheets of brightly lit water rinse, flush and remove all residues and soils from the vehicle readying the surface for the sealing and waxing applications

Step 4

Fusion Seal a foaming sheet of brilliantly lit Nano level over lapping droplets sealing paint and clear coat finishes on all surfaces.

Step 5

Fusion Wax applied as a foaming sheet through Fulminator Maxx applicators a high-tech blend of poly synthetic waxes and Carnauba in airy foam provide a second seal and a deeper level of protection and shine for the vehicle.

Step 6

Fusion Rain Repel applied with Banana V jet nozzles the hydrophobic water repellant is applied to target the glass surfaces in a usually brilliantly lit color finish while prepping the vehicle for the drying process.

Diamond Shine’s Bullseye

Diamond Shine’s BULLSEYE hyper concentrated chemical technology creates a cost-effective platform for today’s high volume Express car wash operators! It’s ultra-concentrated formulas and space saving 2.5 gallon packaging creates maximum inventory in the smallest of spaces! say good bye to heavy drums! The BULLSEYE concentrate delivery system with patented on tank rulers takes the guess work out of calculating your cost per car!

Diamond Shines industry leading product line is cost effective, convenient, easy to manage and safe for your employees to handle! It’s cleaning, sealing and shining capabilities are time proven and easy to see! Diamond Shine is truly car wash chemistry without compromise!